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Testing with the BBC

Increasing demand for new functionality and ever-advancing technology means systems and platforms need to be continually upgraded and improved to suit business requirements. Changes need to be robustly tested to ensure quality and suitability prior to rollout.

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The Project

In 2017, the BBC launched their new Local News Partnership. The system aimed to provide full and fair reporting of local authority and public body decisions, as well as weather reporting, across the UK.

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The Approach

Reed Professional Services provided several services to the BBC leading up to the launch of the Local News Partnership system, including testing and validating online components.

Additionally, test plans for the weather reporting service included exploratory testing for future use across Android and iOS platforms.

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The Outcome

We produced in-depth test results and reporting that was fed back to both the BBC and their technology suppliers to improve and optimise of the Local News Partnership system. All testing delivery was completed successfully and on time, enabling successful launches of the new sites.


  • Supplier development testing
  • BBC-side systems testing
  • Compatibility testing with BBC hardware
  • Technical acceptance testing
  • Functionality testing
  • User acceptance testing

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