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Velocity Based WP iPlayer Responsive Web Development

Velocity is best suited to use in agile environments where the scope of a project is likely to move and change due to internal or external forces. This approach provides a way to fix costs and transfer risks to us, without having to fix the scope upfront.

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The Project

The BBC has tasked us with providing key deliverables in the development of their iPlayer Responsive Web, the viewer-facing iPlayer portal.

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The Approach

The BBC iPlayer strategy sets ambitious targets for the iPlayer platform, and the development of the iPlayer Responsive Web will play an integral role in meeting these objectives.

Delivery of this Work Package is being managed using a Velocity approach. The Work Package agreement specifies delivery of a quantified amount of output, but the BBC retain the flexibility to control and manage the nature of work yet to be completed.

As well as managing our own teams, RPS is responsible for managing the workload and output of BBC teams working on the development of the iPlayer Responsive Web. Progress is being measured using a range of agile metrics, giving the BBC insight into the delivery of the Work Package, ensuring they’re well-placed to make key development decisions and steer the project as necessary to meet iPlayer objectives.

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The Outcome

Throughout the project, the client team are able to stay on top of the product backlog and re-prioritise as necessary.

The teams have so far successfully delivered 348 features over a 2 year period, achieving against target by 115%.

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