Finding A Path Forwards

Finding A Path Forwards

The Challenge

UK organisations are currently facing levels of challenge most of us haven’t known in our lifetimes. Between the existing unknowns of the EU Exit, the new unknowns from COVID-19, and the pressures all businesses face, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

We have proven experience helping organisations see a clear path ahead when managing multiple complex projects. Our project management and technology experts work with clients to identify and manage skills shortages and project shortfalls. Our Work Package methodologies transfer delivery risk to us, giving clients peace of mind that any project we take on will be completed on time and to budget.

Read some of our recent case studies below to find out how we can support your organisation and help you see the wood for the trees in these trying times.


In times of change it’s inevitable that new processes will be required, and others will face overhaul. This is where our specialist expertise comes in. We can help organisations map and model their processes and identify where shifts need to happen for both the short and longer term. In this case study you’ll see how RPS successfully partnered with the BBC to drive and guide delivery of an upgrade to their service management capability, and with DEFRA to manage a range of complex projects connected to the UK leaving the EU.


Your personable approach, adaptability and flexibility to the whole process has been fantastic, making it a really smooth and seamless transition.

Denise Tailor, DEFRA.


During the early part of the EU Exit preparations, RPS was asked to respond to an urgent departmental need within DEFRA to address project and portfolio management expertise across 18 differing programmes within a 4-6 week window. The challenge was to identify the support needed, determine the best consultants for deployment, and deploy selected teams, all within the timeframe.


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