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Guest speaker Sharon Curry of the Trusted Executive Foundation joined us on the 18th June to talk about the Three Pillars and Nine Habits of Trust.

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Session description:

The future of work is now. A triple bottom line of Results, Relationships and Reputation is critical to sustainable business models.  In this webinar, we’ll look at the current context of Covid-19 and how John Blakey’s ‘Three Pillars Nine Habits’ model of trust provides pathways not only out of the crisis, but towards ideal behaviours in the ‘new world’ of work.

About the speaker:

Sharon Curry is a Senior Partner at the Trusted Executive Foundation. She’s an Executive Leadership Coach with over 30 years’ leadership experience having started her career as an Officer in the Royal Navy. She’s a business innovator and a specialist in Future of Work behaviours. Sharon works with her clients to establish a sustainable triple bottom line of results, reputation, and relationships, utilising The Trusted Executive Foundation’s “Three Pillars” model.

This was the first in the RPS Insight Adapt series of webinars, a series designed to help organisations effectively manage change resulting from the global lockdown. Click here to view all upcoming webinars.

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