With guest speakers Sharon Curry and Steve McCann of The Trusted Executive Foundation

Take the opportunity to leave behind ‘business as normal’. In this webinar, we look at dialling up benevolence to increase organisational resilience and build trust with all internal and external stakeholders. We show how kindness, bravery and evangelism are powerful tools for future business sustainability, mitigating the impacts of crisis, and assisting navigation of the volatile, uncertain road ahead.

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This webinar was part of the RPS Insight Adapt series, a series designed to help organisations effectively manage change resulting from the global lockdown. Click here to view all webinars.

About the speakers:

Sharon Curry is a Senior Partner at the Trusted Executive Foundation. She’s an Executive Leadership Coach with over 30 years’ leadership experience having started her career as an Officer in the Royal Navy. She’s a business innovator and a specialist in Future of Work behaviours.

Steve McCann is a solutions-focused speaker and coach with a passion for individual and team development. With over 30 years’ experience, he delivers high-impact keynote sessions that have a direct impact on developing organisational trust, helping deliver individual and organisational objectives.