With guest speaker Mohammed Deria of Nomad Project Solutions./

An SAP project involves a large number of stakeholders who all have different priorities and needs, and the training phase is the last part before the actual Go-Live. This is why in some projects it is not given the same importance as the other phases and thus results in poor training being delivered. This leads to a low satisfaction from the end users, which eventually leads to a failed SAP project as the system does not end up being used.

One of the biggest challenges for a training professional is to identify how to manage these stakeholders in order to ensure their training deliverables are in sync with the project’s holistic goal. To execute a successful training project, a detailed training strategy would need to be created and approved by all the key stakeholders.

This webinar replay will give you a high level summary of who the key stakeholders are and what are their inter-dependencies to training. The video also shares examples from previous projects on how training can enhance the SAP project from the outset to the eventual Go-Live.

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About Mohammed:

Mohammed Deria is the Founder and CEO of Nomad Project Solutions. He is a highly experienced and certified SAP consultant with a blend of skills and a proven track record delivery of training projects within the private and public sector.