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Build your employee capability from the ground up with our Recruit Train deploy solution. We can hire emerging talent across a range of skills and sectors, provide bespoke training and career development, and staff ready to deliver for your projects and programmes.

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Building your talent pool

Our recruit, train and deploy solution is designed to find the right talent for your organisation. Far beyond simply sourcing candidates, our expertise in EDI&B will ensure a diverse pool of potential recruits as well as onboarding strategies that facilitate rapid integration within an inclusive environment. With ongoing support from our experienced trainers and assessors along with outcome management solutions for full accountability over time-to-role competency levels; you’ll have highly skilled teams ready to deliver maximum value upon deployment.

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We specialise in pinpointing the right match of skills and EVP profile for entry-level employees. Our finely tuned process along with sophisticated recruitment technology expedites time to recruit while keeping candidates engaged every step of the way.


Our training programme is one-of-a-kind and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. With expert design, trainee support, mentoring sessions, quality assurance checks throughout the process and a final assessment – you can be sure that skill gaps are addressed at every stage.


Our talented and experienced talent pool is ready to hit the ground running. Within our customisable deployment programme, we offer various engagement options tailored to suit any business need. To guarantee success in each role, a comprehensive outcome management system ensures that employees reach their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Tailored Skills Development

Reed Professional Services specialises in delivering a tailored skills development programme that provides your business with access to top-tier talent and empowers you to create positive change through work. Our model is completely customisable, so it’s suitable for any organisational set up.

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By adopting our recruit, train deploy programme your organisation can:

  • Reduce the skills gap
  • Access new and diverse talent
  • Reduce the cost of talent acquisition, training, and management
  • Increase retention of talent and skills
  • Ensure quality and learning outcomes are met
  • Adopt flexible deployment options enabling resources to be engaged when you need them, or to retain skills longer term
  • Open up skills and careers to new communities and give back by improving lives through work
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Our bespoke services

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