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People. Tech. Process.

Reed Professional Services are a unique consultancy that deliver bespoke digital and business transformation projects or outcomes that are tailored to your specific needs. We build a partnership with you, deploying the right people, process and tools, taking risk away from your business as we deliver the digital transformation your business needs.

Project consultancy

RPS provide project & programme management, consultancy and delivery supported by our in-house PMO capability. We help your project go from concept to completion. Our project delivery services are custom tailored to your needs, whilst drawing on broad market experience and proven methodology. We keep the end goal firmly in mind and can scale as you need us too.

The right team,
every time

The right team for the project. We utilise our extensive talent-pool to ensure that not only are they the people right for your project, we ensure they are the right fit for your team too.

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Our services

Project Delivery

Here at Reed Professional Services we focus on outcome focussed project delivery. We use a unique blend of people, tech and process to ensure that all our client’s projects run smoothly from inception through to final delivery. Our best practice approach, coupled with our extensive experience and knowledge means that we are the problem solving partner you need to deliver faster-time-to-value.

Coaching Consultancy

RPS can support business transformation with custom fit coaching and development pathways. We assess your existing business and technology structures to provide the knowledge and change management tools required to implement smooth transitions. As a trusted problem solving partner that helps you deliver benefits to your organisation, we openly share our knowledge with our client partners, helping you to future proof your workforce and be ever ready to adapt.

Software Design & Build

With a wealth of experience to draw on, RPS understand the broad scope of software design, and implement and manage software build and mobile app development that is end product focused. Our emphasis is on developing quality from the outset, testing at every step to keep both budget and deliverables on track. With our agile delivery, we iterate and improve our service continuously, ensuring that we are always outcome delivery focussed.

IT Outsourcing

RPS provide bespoke on and offsite managed IT services and application support. Our team of experts work in harmony with your existing departments and are able to form working partnerships with external IT suppliers as needed, allowing us to deliver results that fit for you. We integrate into your IT delivery allowing us to understand what business critical really means. Whether it’s driving innovation or ensuring business as usual means exactly that, we are with you every step of the way.

“Delivering high value projects for our chosen clients using the best people, tech and processes available, taking risk away from your business.”

News and Insights


10th May 2023

Time and Materials or Work Package De...

As a programme or project lead, you will likely have assessed whether or not you have the existing skills, capacity and capability to deliver your projects. Often, programme managers will look to bolster their delivery teams through consultant or contractor engagements - one of your critical decisions is choosing the engagement method for this approach. Traditionally, the two primary methods for consultant engagements are Time and Materials (T&M) and Work Package Delivery (WPD). Both delivery methods come with their set of advantages and disadvantages, making it hard to choose. But the decision you make affects your project's outcomes, including cost, quality, and efficiency. In this blog, we'll explore the pros and cons of each method to help you determine which suits your project best.

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09th May 2023

Why Every Organisation Needs a PMO

Project management is a key factor in the success of every organisation. Without proper management, even the best ideas and experienced teams can struggle to deliver results. This is where the importance of a Project Management Office (PMO) comes to play. A PMO is a centralised entity that is responsible for ensuring that projects are managed effectively and efficiently. It is a framework of practices, tools, and processes that enable an organization to manage projects in a more structured manner. This blog will provide a broad overview of why every organisation needs a PMO.

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14th April 2023

When Should Companies Consider Hiring...

Consulting is a practice that involves providing professional advice and solutions to businesses with the aim of improving their overall performance. This practice has become increasingly popular over the years. Many businesses are seeking the expertise of consultants to help them achieve their goals. But when is the right time for a company to consider hiring a business management consultant? In this article, we will explore some of the key scenarios that warrant the need for a business management consultant. 

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14th April 2023

Staff Engagement for a Remote Workforce

In recent years, remote work has become increasingly popular, allowing businesses to cut costs, access a wider pool of talent, and provide employees with more flexibility. However, with this shift towards remote work comes new challenges. One of which is how to maintain staff engagement when working remotely. In this article, we will explore the importance of staff engagement, its benefits, and strategies that can be implemented to improve staff engagement for a remote workforce. 

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28th February 2023

Portfolio, Programme and Project Mana...

Reed Professional Services specialises in Project, Programme and Portfolio management. We utilise industry best practices, tools and methodologies to provide our clients with the guidance and delivery they need to realise benefits and outcomes. 

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28th February 2023

Inclusivity and Equal Opportunities i...

Inclusivity and equal opportunities in the workplace are among the most essential policies. That’s for their impact on the well-being of employees and their positive effect on the company's productivity. 

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02nd February 2023

How to Keep Track of Your Outsourced ...

There are numerous justifications for why a company could choose to outsource work. Outsourcing might be the ideal answer for your business. If you don’t currently have the capacity or skills to take on a project, outsourcing is your answer. Managing an outsourced project involves a lot of responsibilities, and if you don't have a framework in place, it can become difficult. You should always be searching for methods to simplify your life as a business owner or project manager.   

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12th January 2023

Why do CEOs use management consultants?

A CEO coupled with management consultants can dramatically boost your organisation's performance in a number of ways. CEOs should especially take advantage of hiring a management consultant as they are a helpful and resourceful addition to any organisation. In general, they are there to smooth transitions that occur with organisational change or to assist in the resolution of current organisational challenges.  

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22nd December 2022

What Does a Professional Service Cons...

Behind almost every successful company or business is a skilled professional service consultant. From short to long-term business goals, strategies, and policies, these are some of the aspects consultants aim to improve in any business or organisation.

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I have viewed and winced at the complexity of the project from a distance. The result is excellent and you should all be pleased and proud of the outcome. It is a great step forward and much more impressive as the showcase the Academy has hoped for. Thanks you all for sticking with it and making it work so well.

Miles Runham | Partner

Despite over 16 years of experience of working with mobile services, I have learnt quite a lot myself from working together with this outstanding team and will truly miss them when the work package ends.

James Simcock | BBC

"Delivering high value projects for our range of clients using the best people, tech and processes available, taking risk away from your organisation."

Roger Gibbon | Partner

"The happy high performing, productive organisations of the future will benefit from integrated digital technologies, highly skilled staff, effective leadership and effective digital delivery capabilities that can drive the changes needed for an organisation to thrive in a rapidly changing digital space."

Roger Gibbon | Managing Partner


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