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Our Strategy and Architecture service helps organisations align their technology with strategic vison and business goals. RPS’ unique blend of people, technology and process means that we are uniquely positioned to support you develop and define your IT strategy and architecture, providing you with market leading expertise in technology and processes that equips your business for success.

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Practical and effective strategies, roadmaps, and architecture

To meet strategic objectives on technology roadmaps, RPS employs a range of technical architecture solutions that include cloud-based and hybrid technologies, or on-premises-only technologies, where business needs or regulation require.

Technology Project implementation is aligned with overall strategic objectives, as defined in a business’ technology roadmap. Strategic alignment with technology roadmaps is assured through comprehensive project governance and adherence to industry standard guidelines.

RPS deploy highly experienced consultants, who are experts in their fields and sectors.

RPS have particular experience in these two core disciplines:

Business Architecture

Defining a technology roadmap and strategy are dependent on the business architecture requirements. RPS uses the business architecture and defines the technical strategy based on the way a business operates.

The business architecture informs the use of technologies; for example, if the business architecture is an off-site only model, then the technology architecture to support this could be a cloud-based infrastructure that makes use of SaaS services like Office 365 and SAP online

To develop the Business Architecture to Technology Architecture mapping, RPS uses industry standard business to technology architectural models, including The Open Group Architecture Framework.

Solution Architecture

Developing and communicating a multi-dimensional solution architecture to deliver agreed business outcomes.

RPS will find the best technical solution to solve existing business problems by determining business requirements to inform the definition of solution requirements. Based on the solution and feature requirements, RPS provides solution specifications and designs, including technical specifications and project delivery & management definitions.

Key Service Features

  • Identify and resolve any gaps in your capabilities technologies
  • Create development roadmaps
  • Scope and define Target Operating Models
  • Initiatives for short, medium and long-term initiatives
  • Build strategic investment plans
  • Align your strategic goals and objectives with your technology
  • Utilise proven industry standard solutions that align to the enterprise strategy for technology
  • Drive efficiencies through process development and process improvement
  • Problem-solve and provide the appropriate solutions
  • Gain an objective external view of current business technology practices and defined guidance to improve where necessary
  • Scope, develop, and execute from a single provider, sourcing the industry-leading experts who will deliver your expected outcomes

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