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EU Exit Emergency Operations Centre

Preparations for EU-exit caused significant change within government at every level.

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The Challenge

In anticipation of the UK’s exit from the EU, significant governmental changes and risks necessitated the establishment of specialised response units. A Central Government department, addressing this need, appointed Reed Professional Services (RPS) to set up and operate an EU Exit Emergency Centre.

The Solution

RPS’s role involved creating a dedicated centre to manage a wide array of inquiries and high-profile cases related to the EU Exit, working alongside an internal team. This initiative was crucial in providing timely and accurate responses during a period marked by intense public and media scrutiny.

The Process

The Emergency Centre, staffed by RPS consultants alongside internal staff, was designed to be operational from early morning to late evening using shift management tools implemented by RPS, ensuring extensive coverage.

Consultants selected for this critical role were equipped with skills in information analysis and briefing preparation, catering to diverse audiences, including government ministers and the national media.

The team’s preparation included comprehensive training and security clearance, aligning with the stringent requirements of government operations.

RPS’s engagement through the YPO framework demonstrated their alignment with government procurement standards and their ability to swiftly mobilise resources for urgent government needs.

The Outcome

The Emergency Centre was successfully launched on a very tight startup schedule, showcasing RPS’s capability in rapid project mobilisation and management under tight deadlines.

A key outcome was de-risking the confidential CG department’s position. RPS assumed significant risk by entering into a fixed-price contract to deliver a high-quality service and taking responsibility for service levels and shift-leading.

The successful execution of this project with the confidential led to further recognition for RPS. This new role involves RPS providing strategic programme delivery consultancy to various government departments impacted by the UK’s exit from the EU, underscoring their expertise and reliability in managing complex government projects during transitional periods.

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