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People. Tech. Process.

Reed Professional Services are a unique consultancy that deliver bespoke digital and business transformation projects or outcomes that are tailored to your specific needs. We build a partnership with you, deploying the right people, process and tools, taking risk away from your business as we deliver the digital transformation your business needs.

Project consultancy

RPS provide project & programme management, consultancy and delivery supported by our in-house PMO capability. We help your project go from concept to completion. Our project delivery services are custom tailored to your needs, whilst drawing on broad market experience and proven methodology. We keep the end goal firmly in mind and can scale as you need us too.

The right team,
every time

The right team for the project. We utilise our extensive talent-pool to ensure that not only are they the people right for your project, we ensure they are the right fit for your team too.

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Our services

Project Delivery

Here at Reed Professional Services we focus on outcome focussed project delivery. We use a unique blend of people, tech and process to ensure that all our client’s projects run smoothly from inception through to final delivery. Our best practice approach, coupled with our extensive experience and knowledge means that we are the problem solving partner you need to deliver faster-time-to-value.

Coaching Consultancy

RPS can support business transformation with custom fit coaching and development pathways. We assess your existing business and technology structures to provide the knowledge and change management tools required to implement smooth transitions. As a trusted problem solving partner that helps you deliver benefits to your organisation, we openly share our knowledge with our client partners, helping you to future proof your workforce and be ever ready to adapt.

Software Design & Build

With a wealth of experience to draw on, RPS understand the broad scope of software design, and implement and manage software build and mobile app development that is end product focused. Our emphasis is on developing quality from the outset, testing at every step to keep both budget and deliverables on track. With our agile delivery, we iterate and improve our service continuously, ensuring that we are always outcome delivery focussed.

IT Outsourcing

RPS provide bespoke on and offsite managed IT services and application support. Our team of experts work in harmony with your existing departments and are able to form working partnerships with external IT suppliers as needed, allowing us to deliver results that fit for you. We integrate into your IT delivery allowing us to understand what business critical really means. Whether it’s driving innovation or ensuring business as usual means exactly that, we are with you every step of the way.

“Delivering high value projects for our chosen clients using the best people, tech and processes available, taking risk away from your business.”

News and Insights


15th August 2022

How to eliminate risk from your organ...

Understanding the qualitative distinctions between the types of risks that businesses encounter is the first step in developing an effective risk-management strategy. Studies show that risks fall into one of three groups. Risk occurrences of any type can be damaging to a company's strategy and even its longevity.

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12th August 2022

Key benefits of staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing solution used to staff a project while meeting the company's goals. The approach entails assessing current workers and identifying which extra skills are necessary. Reed Professional Services can make it easy to ensure you have the right people, skills and capabilities to deliver your projects 

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10th August 2022

Why use staff augmentation for your p...

When a huge project is approaching, the last thing you need to stress about is appointing a team to work for you. Using staff augmentation services allows you to acquire the assistance you demand on a scalable, per-project basis. Permitting you to focus on the big picture and your corporate objectives.  

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10th August 2022

Why you need Project Assurance for yo...

Having professionals who are experts in their field surrounding you and your business is really important. Especially when it comes to Project Assurance.  

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05th July 2022

5 Tips for Project Management Success

When you are placed in a project management position, it can be challenging to know how you can ensure success. Effective project management involves setting a budget and a clear timeframe for a specific task and completing it in a cost-effective way.

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05th July 2022

Top tips for exceptional project deli...

Any project can encounter problems, obstacles, and possible risks. Many things (including resources, money, and credibility) are at stake. That is why there is a growing demand for improved project management and delivery; to offer predictability and consistency in effective project execution.

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29th June 2022

Benefits of Outsourcing a Coaching Co...

Those in businesses must work with someone when faced with employee issues, poor sales, or any other pervasive problem affecting them at work. This is called workplace coaching by experts, and it is rapidly becoming almost a necessity in a world where improvement and performance are essential if a business is going to survive.

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21st June 2022

4 Resource Outsourcing Mistakes and H...

Outsourcing used to be something that was only accessible to larger companies that needed more hands than they had in-house. However, now it's a common practice for companies of all sizes to outsource to add more value to their organisation.

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14th June 2022

Are you an Agile Business?

Businesses need to transform and adapt quickly to succeed in today's fast-paced world. They need to grow with flexibility, be swift and respond more rapidly than their competitors. To do so, the organisation's culture must be agile as well.  

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"The happy high performing, productive organisations of the future will benefit from integrated digital technologies, highly skilled staff, effective leadership and effective digital delivery capabilities that can drive the changes needed for an organisation to thrive in a rapidly changing digital space."

Roger Gibbon | Managing Partner

Despite over 16 years of experience of working with mobile services, I have learnt quite a lot myself from working together with this outstanding team and will truly miss them when the work package ends.

James Simcock | BBC

"Delivering high value projects for our range of clients using the best people, tech and processes available, taking risk away from your organisation."

Roger Gibbon | Partner

I have viewed and winced at the complexity of the project from a distance. The result is excellent and you should all be pleased and proud of the outcome. It is a great step forward and much more impressive as the showcase the Academy has hoped for. Thanks you all for sticking with it and making it work so well.

Miles Runham | Partner


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