Deloitte’s latest research paper, Digital Disruption Index, builds on the initial findings first published in 2017, combined with their ongoing research into innovation, digital transformation and the future of work.

The data was gathered from some of the UK’s most influential companies and public sector bodies who participated in the survey, which looks at digital disruption, skill and talent shortages, and the impact of new technology developments such as AI, the Internet of Things, VR and Blockchain. Presented with a series of well-designed infographics, the report includes valuable insights into the current market perceptions from leading executives. The report is designed to help snr execs track investment in emerging technologies and determine the talent and capabilities needed to deliver their digital strategy.

Although the findings demonstrate a marked rise in overall investment in technology (The volume of companies investing in AI rose from 22% to 41% in the last year alone for instance), there is still a large area of concern within leading organisations when it comes to addressing the skills and knowledge gaps which exists in light of digital transformation.

“Even where organisations have a coherent strategy in place, the vast majority of senior executives do not believe their talent pool has sufficient digital expertise to execute it. Moreover, our results indicate that many senior executives lack confidence in their own digital skills and ability to lead their organisations in the digital economy.”

Oliver Vernon-Harcourt – Partner, Digital Transformation.

Indeed less than half (45%) of executives are confident in their own digital skills and ability to lead their organisation in the digital economy, while just 16% believe their talent pool has enough knowledge and expertise to deliver their digital strategy.

What’s also interesting (certainly from our perspective here at RPS), is that 58% of those surveyed have established new relationships with non-traditional partners and suppliers to help deliver their digital strategy. This shows a continuation of the development of new methods of delivery for key digital projects, such as managed services, project outsourcing and scalable ‘as a service’ supply models, something we have been pioneering for over 10 years, delivering key tech milestones for our partners on the way.

You can download the full report here.