In our recent survey published in our Productivity Puzzle Whitepaper, nearly two thirds of all respondents agree or definitely agree that projects improve the productivity of a workforce.

A project by its very nature is designed to bring a team of people together to bring a change into an organisation, however why then are so many projects foreseen to fail?

Again, more than half of those asked have indicated that they do not have the internal skill and capabilities for successful projects in their organisations. Considering that the sample for this research is across large businesses and organisations, why then is there such a struggle to fill these requirements?

At Reed Professional Services, we regularly see demand for team augmentation to increase capacity and capability to deliver a project, however, there is also an increasing demand for professional services outcome-based solutions for either specific outcomes within projects, or fully outsourced projects and programme delivery.

It is our belief that having the right people is only half the puzzle, complete solutions that also support budget, time and outcomes requirements as a means to ensure successful projects.

As such, flexible staffing solutions, such as team augmentation, has become an increasingly popular choice that can benefit many organisations, regardless of their size. If you’re wondering how team augmentation can help address your project needs, we’ve highlighted them in our blog below:

  1. 1. Solve the talent gap

Finding the right talent within your niche can be a difficult task, but not impossible. Staff augmentation has become an upward trend that allows companies to tap into the global market and outsource highly skilled individuals that have the expertise and knowledge to deliver a successful project, regardless of how complex it may be.

At RPS, our aim is to build a long-term partnership with you, deploying the right people and tools, taking risk away from your business as we deliver the digital transformation your organisation needs.

  1. 2. Gain a high level of control

Team augmentation enables you to have a high level of control over your team through your preferred communication channels. If you’re planning to outsource for your next project, you can choose the means of communication with your remote employees, thus keeping track of their progress and making sure they are aware of the project deliverables and the tight deadlines.

In addition, staff augmentation can help enhance the collaboration between your teams, as well as it allows you to discover and work with global talent.

  1. 3. Scale up your business more quickly

The team augmentation process is generally a quick and cost-effective strategy that can help scale the size of your workforce to ensure your current team can focus on new market demands or handle their existing workload more efficiently.

Hiring a dedicated and fully-qualified IT staff to support your in-house team can expand your tech skills, help exceed your client’s expectations and scale up your business more effectively, while still having full control over the project management and development process.

RPS take the time to fully understand your business and your needs to develop bespoke solutions that are fit for purpose. By combining our existing skills and knowledge with an ever-evolving project and technical analysis, we develop a custom-fit solution that’s tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

To find out more about how Reed Professional Services can help upscale your business or to request a copy of the whitepaper, please click here. Alternatively, contact our team today for more details here.

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