Let’s imagine you run a multi-billion pound corporation. You have millions of end users that rely on your business critical services day in, day out. As a multinational organisation you’ve invested the last 20 plus years building your delivery structure based on strategic partnerships with other key international businesses. Your entire enterprise is woven in to complex supply chains and logistics that rely on key suppliers and associates who help you to manage such a complex beast. Your IT systems are built on externally managed software, your warehousing borrows facilities from your competitors.

Now imagine that those partnerships rapidly get dissolved. Your customers still need all of your services to be delivered. With no down time.  No loss of service, you have to achieve 100% SLA. As a company you are not geared for change. Your internal departments are bound to resist and each department wants their issues to be the number one priority. On the flipside, some department heads don’t even want to come to the table.

Sounds like a huge headache doesn’t it. Now, imagine you only have 2 years to get it all sorted.

It might seem a bit dramatic, but this is an idea of the challenge that UK PLC is faced with Brexit. Its change management at the scale of an entire country, a country that is a global power, who has been bedded into Club Europe since 1993.

So what would you do? Look at change management tools, set up your PMO – get some objectives and benchmarks in place? It sounds rather simplified but the reality is just that. At Reed Professional Services our experience in managing complex change has resulted in a strategic partnership which will see us working directly with the Government to provide PMO advisory, project delivery and operational transformation.

The flagship partnership will see us working with Defra to help them deliver key projects in time for the Brexit deadline. As one of the departments which is most integrated with the EU, the challenges that they face are huge. By applying tried and tested methods we are helping them take a clear view of their current position, and developing plans to ensure that projects are kept on track, and accelerated as needed, by resourcing the right expertise at multiple levels.

As Britain moves ever closer to Brexit the landscape will be continually changing, with fresh challenges still yet to unfold. It’s an uncertain time for all involved, but with the right strategy and resource in place it’s also an exciting time for innovation and development that can drive the country forward and bring positive change at every level, meaning those headaches could soon be solved.


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