‘Brexit Day’ may have come and gone, but for those working at the heart of policy and delivery in the public sector, there’s still a long road ahead. No matter what the final deal ends up being, the transition period is due to end on the 31st of December. Processes and organisations will have to change – some significantly – over the next year, and no doubt there will be unforeseen consequences organisations have to quickly react to.

Reed Professional Services has years of experience in managing complex projects across the public sector sphere, and continues to play a role in many government EU Exit projects, providing the consultancy and skills required to deliver them. As such, we’re uniquely placed to be able to help organisations navigate their way through the UK’s EU Exit with minimal amounts of disruption.

Join RPS Managing Partner Phil Bull and Head of Government Delivery David Glasbrook as they talk through methodologies and best practice when it comes to managing shifting scopes of work in an ever-changing landscape. They’ll cover the challenges organisations are likely to face, and look at techniques and strategies to help keep organisations moving forwards.

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Webinar: The change is yet to come – how to deal with the unforeseen in EU Exit.