Staff augmentation is an outsourcing service. Essentially, you are hiring additional people on a semi-permanent basis to augment the volume of your organisation. It is extremely common for businesses to use staff augmentation in order to expand the capacity at which they work. 

For many businesses, the need for additional staff fluctuates alongside the demand for business. Meaning that you only need extra staff when the business requires it. Staff augmentation allows you to hire experts as and when you need them. Secondly, it doesn’t require you to commit to long-standing contracts and salaries. 

How can staff augmentation benefit your organisation? 

95% of business leaders say it’s very or somewhat challenging for their company to find skilled professionals. Therefore, staff augmentation can be an excellent avenue for your organisation. When your business desires a certain and specific skill, you have the ability and flexibility to hire a candidate that offers exactly what you need for your current project.  

Also, this enables you to hire an expert when your business meets sudden demand. As a business, you may not always require someone of a higher skill set than what your internal team already presents. Additionally, this means you don’t have to commit financially, as staff augmentation is short-term outsourcing. 

Collaborate on projects that present better opportunities 

For companies that are a lot smaller in comparison to their competitors, staff augmentation presents some great opportunities. Firstly, it enables companies with smaller annual revenue to branch out and achieve projects they wouldn’t usually have the capacity to. Because you only pay for time and materials, staff augmentation doesn’t present the high fees that hiring a full-time employee does. 

Secondly, many businesses don’t have the need for employees with particular skill sets all year round. However, when a project crops up, staff augmentation allows you to have a more flexible business focussed approach to present for it. Something you usually wouldn’t have the ability for. Allowing you to venture down avenues that would be typically considered unachievable, leads to more revenue. Therefore, being able to access skills for one-off projects is great for business. 

Stay ahead of the competition 

More often than not, there isn’t anything that sets you apart from the competition except skill. Your team can be just as well managed as the next team. Your drive and passion for the work you produce can be up there with your competitors. So, just because your team may not have one set of skills desired to complete a project doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it. 

Staff augmentation allows you to be a known name in your field and stand out from your competitors. Regardless of your permanent skill sets.  

If you need an expert to join your team on a project basis contact us today. We can assist you in levelling up your current team so your organisation can reach new heights, earn more revenue and achieve incredible project success.