A project by its very nature is designed to bring a team of people together to make a change into an organisation that can then have benefits realised. Why then are so many projects not delivering what they were intended?

In a recent survey, published in our Productivity Puzzle whitepaper, more than half of those asked have indicated that they do not have the internal skill and capabilities for successful projects in their organisations. Considering that the sample for this research is across multiple SME and large businesses and organisations, why then is there such a struggle to fill these requirements?

Gone are the days of huge migrations from off premise to the cloud, digitalisation has largely been done. Organisations are now seeking help from third parties for iterations, small developments, a wider range of projects and the realisation of the intended benefits that large scale projects had previously promised – a more productive workforce. In light of this upward trend, interestingly organisations are responding with outsourcing, with half of respondents from our survey planning to seek help from a third party over the coming months for their planned projects and programmes.

Here at RPS, the most significant finding of our research was that despite organisations recognising that the barriers to a more productive workforce are largely believed to be internal and skill capabilities, none of the planned projects over the next 12 months are to mitigate this gap.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing for your next project, we’ve got you covered with the key benefits of why it is an effective strategy that will enhance your organisation:

Gain access to world-class capabilities

It’s not always achievable to have skilled staff for every work type you do, hence why outsourcing is an excellent move to secure consultants with transferable knowledge and a wealth of experience within your particular need while you are assured of excellent quality.

Our mission is to create the best opportunities for your company to fulfil its potential, therefore, you can be confident that outsourcing staffing professionals is a cost-effective solution and an efficient way to tap into new technologies and IT systems.

Saves you time

By outsourcing your transformation projects, you can free up your existing internal resource and time and redirect your focus towards other aspects of running your company, such as sales or marketing, operations, and staff development amongst others.

Additionally, having access to a world-class talent pool that is actively maintained, developed and propagated such as that RPS mainatins, means that you have access to the best people on a shorter time-frame saving you precious time-to -value. You are able to have dedicated resource ready to go within days and maintain that value as knowledge transfer and upskilling your existing workforce is built into all work we deliver.

As an experienced consultancy provider, our team not only ensures that you have the right people and skills available, but they are are screened against your company values, cultural fit and team suitability. Saving you time in finding the right people and ensuring you can start your projects when needed.

Gives your business a competitive advantage

Outsourcing your IT projects can provide you with the confidence and reassurance that you will get the best talent while increasing your productivity and in-house efficiency. Our consultants come from a wealth of experience and backgrounds with expertise in their field. Utilising this wealth of knowledge adds precious value to your organisation, especially when that knowledge is retained and embedded into your ways of working.

Embracing outsourcing as part of your strategy can take your business to new heights. In addition, it can help you reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology and new expertise, thus giving you a competitive edge over others and driving your business forward.


Take risk away from your organisation

Outsourcing your IT projects can provide you with the confidence and reassurance that you will get the best talent while increasing your productivity and in-house efficiency. Furthermore, when engaging with a service such as that at Reed Professional Services, you take the risk of delivery away from your organisation.

Assured delivery mitigates the risk of not having the appropriate skills and capabilities in your existing workforce, as well as the assurance of the management of the project, the people and the delivery of expected outcomes from each project milestone.

In our whitepaper we further share insights from organisations who are seeking to improve the productivity of their workforce and the role of project and programmes in the strategy of delivery.

To request a copy of the whitepaper or to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch with our team here.


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