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Reed Professional Services worked with a Central Government department to manage a range of complex projects connected to the UK leaving the EU.
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The Challenge

A confidential Central Government department was confronted with the significant challenge of ensuring the UK’s border operability for trade post-EU exit. This necessitated a complete overhaul of existing trade operation workflows and processes within tight timeframes, a task further complicated by the cross-departmental nature of the work.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Reed Professional Services (RPS) was engaged by the confidential Central Government department. RPS’s role was to provide specialised expertise in managing the complex array of projects stemming from the UK’s departure from the EU, particularly focusing on trade operations and systems.

The Process

RPS’s business architects and analysts worked closely with the Central Government Department to map out existing workflows and design new processes suited for the post-EU exit landscape.

The team engaged in a comprehensive support and mentoring program, aimed at enhancing their internal capabilities in business analysis, process mapping, and modelling.

A key aspect of RPS’s approach was the transfer of knowledge and best practices to the Central Government Department teams, ensuring they were equipped to independently manage and adapt to future changes and requirements.

The Outcome

The collaboration led to a significant enhancement of their internal capacity for managing complex business processes and adapting to new operational landscapes.

The Central Government Department teams were left well-prepared and equipped with the necessary skills and methodologies to handle future transformations autonomously.

The success of this project has cemented RPS’s role as a key partner in their ongoing and future projects related to the EU exit, showcasing RPS’s expertise in guiding and managing large-scale governmental transformations.

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