Digital Leaders Week is just around the corner. As we unlock the UK’s economy, this is a gathering of leaders focused on three key questions organisations face during this accelerated period of digital transformation: What works? How to? And where can we get advice?

As a headline partner to Digital Leaders, Reed Professional Services are looking forward to presenting a range of thought leadership and conversations throughout the week, including our headline session on Delivery Advisors: Facilitating Change in the Public Sector.

All too often, consultancy focuses solely on “big picture” strategic goals, neglecting the detail of what happens day-to-day. At RPS, we work with our Central Government partners at both strategic and delivery levels, taking ALL stakeholders on the change journey.

We’ll be drawing on our experiences with Central Government to host a roundtable discussion about what enables successful delivery, from beginning to end.

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What else is happening during Digital Leaders Week?

We’ve got another four events lined up for next week, focusing both on trust and project management. First up is a two-parter on Trust and Benevolence, led by our friends at The Trusted Executive Foundation. On Monday 12th October, Leadership Coach Sharon Curry talks to us all about the importance of trust for business sustainability. Then, on Friday 16th October, Sharon is joined by her colleague Steve McCann for a deep dive into how Benevolence is essential for sustainable, trustworthy business.

Session 1: The Three Pillars and Nine Habits of Trust (12th October)

Session 2: Benevolence – Sustainable, Trustworthy Business (16th October)

Also next week is a double-bill on stakeholder & project management. We’re joined on Wednesday 14th by Programme & Portfolio Manager Peter Hotston. He’ll be giving attendees a good grounding in Essential Project Management, geared especially towards those who haven’t traditionally worked in Project Management. The next day, Thursday 15th October, we’re joined by Mo Deria of Nomad Project Solutions, who will be talking to us all about how to identify and manage stakeholders in SAP Project and Beyond.

Session 1: Essential Project Management (14th October)

Session 2: Stakeholder Management (15th October)

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“I have viewed and winced at the complexity of the project from a distance. The result is excellent and you should all be pleased and proud of the outcome. It is a great step forward and much more impressive as the showcase the Academy has hoped for. Thanks you all for sticking with it and making it work so well.”

Miles Runham

Despite over 16 years of experience of working with mobile services, I have learnt quite a lot myself from working together with this outstanding team and will truly miss them when the work package ends.

James Simcock – BBC

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