The first RPS Insight Adapt webinar series has been a great success, with seven informative live sessions spread over the space of three months. The session replays are now available, and paired the replay links with a short overview of each session below.

We’ll be back with more live webinars in future, so keep an eye on RPS Insight for more news soon.

Trust & Benevolence Mini-Series

Session One – The Three Pillars and Nine Habits of Trust
Session Two – Sustainable, Trustworthy Business That Stands Out from the Crowd

This mini-series will teach you how to build trust within and around your organisation, the importance of benevolence in leadership, and how both trust and benevolence impact business sustainability. Guest speakers for this series were Sharon Curry and Steve McCann from the Trusted Executive Foundation, both expert leadership coaches, each with over 30 years’ experience.

 Remote Working Mini-Series

Session One – Making Sense of Remote Working – Effective Retrospectives
Session Two – Best Practice for Onboarding Remote Engineers
Session Three – Best Practice for Remote Engineering Teams

This mini-series is all about individuals and organisations adapting to working remotely. Session One sees Strategist and Project Director Tim Lake teach the agile manifesto and principles, and cover the importance of seeking feedback in effective remote working.

In Sessions Two and Three we were joined by guest speakers from Andela. Chelsey Lubin (Director of Customer Success) and Wambui Kinya (VP of Partner Engineering) talk through the challenge of onboarding new team members in Session Two, giving guidance on how to prepare for day one, and how to plan a 90-day onboarding procedure.

Michelle Vock and Geoffrey Muchai joined us for Session Three, talking to us all about how to keep teams productive, engaged, and happy. It’s all about collaboration, communication, and culture.

Project Management Mini-Series

Session One – Essential Project Management
Session Two – Stakeholder Management – SAP Projects and Beyond

We were joined in Session One by Peter Hotston, expert Programme and Project Manager. He talked through the fundamentals of project management, giving even those brand new to project management a thorough grounding in the discipline.

Delving deeper into project management, Session Two saw us joined by Mo Deria, CEO of Nomad Project Solutions. Mo spoke about how to identify and manage the typical stakeholders of an SAP project, and how to deliver effective training to a range of stakeholders, ensuring feedback is gathered and iterative improvements are made.


That’s all we have for now. We’ll be sure to update the Webinars page of the RPS site when we have more webinars on the way. Interested in finding out more about any of these subjects? Get in touch.

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