An experienced applicant is employed as a consultant to complete a particular job. The person will be matched with the job at hand based on their experiences, skill set, and capacity to complete the necessary work promptly and accurately. Compared to an FTE (Full Time Employee) it takes substantially less time to reach maximum production. 

An FTE, as opposed to a consultant, is more deeply ingrained within the business and may have more meetings and duties. Another key point is teamwork and fostering long-lasting relationships with co-workers are prioritised as full-time employees.  

A business can hire a consultant and an FTE simultaneously as they are both very different workers. Additionally, they might also work with contract workers, freelancers, and other forms of outsourced staff. 

Full-Time Employee 

A full-time employee will receive all the perks of employment. For example, being on the payroll, paid time off for holidays, work benefits, overtime pay, pension schemes etc. In exchange, the employee is required to put in the equivalent of a full-time worker’s workload, which is often around 40 hours per week.  

A Consultant 

A consultant is a specialist who offers knowledgeable insight into their area of expertise. As a result, they are frequently employed for a specific job or project to contribute their knowledge or offer guidance. A consultant is unique, despite the fact that they are also employed by the company. The nature of their job depends much on the agreement they have with the business.  

Depending on the situation, a consultant may be recruited on an hourly basis or for a specific time period. 

Which is better? 

Hiring a consultant in situations where a project needs to meet an unnegotiable deadline within a specific niche is advantageous for the business. It saves the time and hassle of going through the lengthy hiring and dismissing procedures. Once the consultant has completed their task and served their purpose, there are no longer any financial commitments to fulfil. Additionally, it enables businesses to benefit from the expertise of a qualified consultant for the required time. 

It’s crucial to consider several methods of finishing projects. Especially, in a market where it can be difficult to find the proper people. Consultants can provide a strong return on your investment and support the success of your company. When setting goals for a project is a top priority or when the market requires specialised skill sets, consultants are a great addition to your team. 


How can ReedPS help? 

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