Staff augmentation is an outsourcing solution used to staff a project while meeting the company’s goals. The approach entails assessing current workers and identifying which extra skills are necessary. Reed Professional Services can make it easy to ensure you have the right people, skills and capabilities to deliver your projects 

A staff augmentation model is an excellent approach that allows businesses to reduce operating expenses while increasing productivity and efficiency. 

A staff augmentation supplier will share team members with you who can meet your talent gap. It’s down to you to interview candidates and identify if they meet your needs. The augmented staff member you select will integrate into your current in-house team. They will preserve your business’s work ethic and perform in accordance with your strategic objectives. Depending on your requirements, you may scale up or down your augmented staff. 

When you work with Reed Professional services to build your staff augmentation solution, we ensure to solve your capability gap with our pre-vetted and pre-screened database of thousands of leading industry talent.   

So, what are the benefits of staff augmentation, how can we help and how can it benefit your business? 

Benefit 1: Helps toward tight deadlines 

From job posting to onboarding, the recruitment process is lengthy. You most likely do not have the luxury of time and patience, which might take up to two months on average. Staff augmentation can help you achieve your needs regardless of whether you signed a short-term or long-term contract. 

We have a dedicated management team to make this process even quicker. Ensuring our full attention goes on finding the right engagement model, sourcing the right people, and helping you onboard them quickly with our simple processes and tools. 

Benefit 2: Cost Effective 

Although recruiting new full-time staff for a specific project is a possibility, it consumes more energy, expense, and time to onboard the person. Furthermore, you typically have no need for them when the project is through. 

Alternatively, staff augmentation permits your company to bring in fresh expertise on a temporary basis. You save many of the expenditures associated with internal employee benefits and compensation, and you have the option of recruiting on a project basis. 

Benefit 3: Onboards professionals with more specific skills 

Let’s say that your current selection of developers, engineers, designers etc is exceptional. They produce outstanding projects; however, you may take on a project that requires extremely particular skills that your present staff may lack.  

Expanding your ability to widen your talents can help you complete the job successfully. This allows you to complete additional jobs you would’ve otherwise turned away. As a result, bringing more revenue to your business. 

According to a CBI/TCS report, the UK alone loses £63 billion a year as companies can’t find specialists with the right digital expertise, this statistic alone shows how beneficial staff augmentation can be to your business.

How can ReedPS help you with staff augmentation? 

We source individuals from industries and sectors that are aligned to yours and maintained in our pool of leading industry talent. 

We have unprecedented recruiting reach to be able to find candidates that are suitable for you. Let us do the heavy lifting and hand-select your team. From over 350 partner databases, talent pools and sister companies.   

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