When a huge project is approaching, the last thing you need to stress about is appointing a team to work for you. Using staff augmentation services allows you to acquire the assistance you demand on a scalable, per-project basis. Permitting you to focus on the big picture and your corporate objectives.  

Ease, cost, and productivity are just a few of the reasons organisations of all kinds rely on augmented staffing to get projects done. Transitioning to an augmented staffing model has many positive results. 

Before you confuse staff augmentation with project outsourcing, here are the difference. 

In a nutshell, outsourcing is when you pay someone to build a project for you. The project is managed and delivered by your outsourced vendor. Outstaffing, often known as staff augmentation, is the practice of paying for the services of experts who join your current company. In this instance, you oversee project execution and management. 

So why should you use it for your projects? Well, here are our top reasons why you should use staff augmentation in your projects and how ReedPS can help you find the perfect candidate.  

Trained professionals 

Having qualified specialists at the peak of their professions on your team helps you to confidently allocate projects and assignments. Experienced professionals are neither interns nor temps, and they won’t require much training or help.  

Simply assign projects and tasks as needed. An enhanced employee will be able to produce the results you want on time. A seasoned expert provides a wealth of experience to your project, freeing up your time and enabling you to focus on the bigger picture. 

Hiring experienced workers to be a part of your project will help you deliver an exceptional project with minimal additional costs or efforts. At ReedPS we only want the very best for your business and your upcoming projects meaning we will hand select the team that is right for you. Ensuring we always keep your requirements at the forefront of our decisions.  


If you need someone for just a few weeks or months, permanent recruitment is unlikely to be cost-efficient. Even one full-time employee will cost a significant amount of money in terms of compensation, benefits, and taxes. Augmented staffing allows you to hire an expert only when you need one. Rather than making a long-term, expensive commitment.  

The new Affordable Care Act makes hiring full-time employees more complex and difficult. An experienced company like ReedPS can assist you with augmented staff. Helping you avoid stringent ACA requirements and pricey health insurance payments. 

Our consultancy managers handle everything. From sourcing, engagement, administration and pre-employment checks through a single process, taking the hassle away from you. So not only will your project be hassle-free, but so will onboarding your augmented staff. 

You can read more about the benefits of staff augmentation here.

ReedPS has been responsible for sourcing the industry talent that delivered household name award-winning digital products and services for over 15 years, contact us today to get your next project underway with the right experts around you. 

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