Having professionals who are experts in their field surrounding you and your business is really important. Especially when it comes to Project Assurance.  

Put simply, your success is our success. Our skilled team excels at what they do because they are specialists in very distinct fields. Therefore they can offer you tailored help to ensure your business gets to where you want it to be. 

We can show you how exceptional projects can be delivered if you have the correct professional guidance and assistance along the way. Think of us as your Critical Friends. 

What is Project Assurance?

The easiest way to describe Project Assurance is the overseeing of how successful a project will be. A great way to look at it is an audit of your project. The good, and the bad, where there is room for improvement and professionally navigating outsider views and opinions without clouding the outcome and direction of the final project. 

Using strategic and technical thinking helps forecast both likely and unlikely problems that may occur. Potential problems could be technical, economic or safety factors that could jeopardise the success of your upcoming project. 

Why is it important?

Without thoroughly assessing your project you will never be able to truly determine its success and its failures. A member of the project board will take upon the responsibility of Project Assurance, the designated member holds the highest level of authority inside the project. 

Members of the management team will delegate roles and responsibilities to those with less authority. They are then expected to report any issues or problems that arise back to management. However, this isn’t enough reassurance for the Project Board to assume everything is going swimmingly. Therefore, using official Project Assurance grants the Project Board peace of mind. They have security in knowing the project is performing as it should be. 

The three main categories of Project Assurance

According to mplaza training, these are the three main categories of Project Assurance activities: 

  • Business Assurance.
  • User Assurance.
  • Supplier Assurance or Specialist Assurance.

 How can Project Assurance help you for future projects?

Project Assurance helps you define the success of your project. In fact, it’s important to note that Project Assurance isn’t just about pulling apart a project, finding its weaknesses and highlighting its issues. More importantly it keeps the team working on the project together.   

Furthermore, your team must feel comfortable with one another and share equal responsibility when it comes to project performance. A project will not be successful if anyone begins to point fingers and blame another member of the team for the downfall of the project. It’s a team effort. Making sure non-critical issues aren’t being blown out of proportion is essential. Project Assurance ensures project accountability amongst the team and creates a better and more balanced working environment. 

Additionally, it is great to see your progress and have a clear understanding of where you’re up to and your goals and objectives. As a result, project assurance aids in project validation and encouragement. As the entire project is overlooked by a specific Project Board Member you will get their undivided attention and focus. Having an expert there to assess project alterations, promote effective reporting and ensure a return to the business helps the project run smoothly and more effectively. 

How can ReedPS help you?

In conclusion, our knowledgeable Delivery teams help plan and scope work prior to contract and remain engaged through to completion, enabling confident and assured delivery of outcomes. 

As a result of our project assurance and ‘Critical Friend’ offerings, we can remove project risk from your organisation. Allowing you to focus on gaining the benefits you desire from your programmes of work.

Most importantly, with all work delivered, our aim is to meet and exceed your project delivery objectives. We’re not here to criticise or chastise. We’re here to be objective and practical, giving you true insight into your projects. Get in touch with our expert team today.

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