Reed Professional Services specialises in Project, Programme and Portfolio management. We utilise industry best practices, tools and methodologies to provide our clients with the guidance and delivery they need to realise benefits and outcomes. 

Our PMO services can be scaled from one project element to a full portfolio with multiple deliverables. Our ability to work on both the big picture and the nitty gritty go hand in hand to ensure the end result is always in focus. 

Project Management 

We define project management as the application of processes, tools, skills and methodology to deliver defined outcomes and benefits against a required business outcome. Furthermore, we are able to help you determine requirements, develop business cases and develop project plans. 

In the aid of managing successful programmes, we utilise several project management practices, inclusive of Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall, using the best approach for each individual requirements needs and the expected outcomes.  

Another key point is as part of our service we include project assurance, knowledge transfer and handover. We offer a truly flexible approach that enables you to flex up and down the project scope as your business requires. 

Programme Management 

We define programme management as the scoping, planning and coordinating of a set of related projects and activities in support of specific business strategies and objectives. 

To support our programme management service, we work with you to understand your organisation’s planned future state or ‘vision’ as well as a clear framework to develop programme and project deliverables aligned to that future state. 

Taking a partnership approach, we engage early with your stakeholders in the hope that we can create a structure, timeline and appropriate plan to help your organisation achieve the change that it requires. 

Portfolio Management 

We define Portfolio Management as the development and operation of a management framework to define and deliver a portfolio of programmes, projects and ongoing services. 

With this in mind, the RPS service is designed to help you structure and manage your programmes and projects at a functional or organisational level to help you optimise change in your organisation. For this reason, the service is designed to help you optimise the benefits garnered from your projects and programmes and help you align them to a wider strategy. 

Secondly, we take a truly strategic and consultative approach to portfolio management. We do this in order to deliver the best service possible, prioritising governance and business strategic prioritisation to optimise the value you receive. 

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management At Reed PS

Let us take the hard work from you and manage the entire process. We can deploy teams of experts in as little as 72 hours. Our experts can deliver bespoke agile digital and business transformation projects tailored to your specific needs. As a result, we build a partnership with you, deploying the right people, technology and process to ensure successful outcomes.  

To conclude, with our project assurance and delivery outcome approach, we take risks away and ensure your projects provide the outcomes you need. Not to mention, we work to a fixed price for a fixed outcome. Be assured that your portfolios, programmes and projects will deliver what you need them to.
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