As a project lead, one of the biggest challenges you face is staffing your projects. From finding the right talent to managing workloads and timelines, the process can be complicated and time-consuming. One approach that has gained popularity in recent years is project-based resourcing. Project-based resourcing is a dynamic staffing approach that allows organisations to staff their projects with the right resources at the right time. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what project-based resourcing is, why it matters, and how you can get started with this approach.

1. What is Project-Based Resourcing?

Project-based resourcing is an approach to staffing that allows organisations to assign the right resources to the right projects at the right time. Unlike traditional staffing models, project-based resourcing is dynamic and flexible. It’s designed to meet the needs of specific projects rather than the needs of the organisation as a whole. The goal is to ensure that each project has the resources it needs to succeed, whether that means bringing in new talent or reallocating existing resources.

2. Why Does Project-Based Resourcing Matter?

Project-based resourcing matters for several reasons. First, it allows organisations to staff their projects more efficiently. By assigning the right resources to the right projects, they can ensure that each project is staffed at the appropriate level. Second, it allows organisations to be more responsive to changing project needs. If project requirements change midstream, project-based resourcing makes it easier to shift resources and ensure that the project stays on track. Finally, project-based resourcing can help organisations save money by avoiding the cost of maintaining a large, permanent staff.

3. Key Elements of Project-Based Resourcing

There are several key elements of project-based resourcing. First, it requires a well-defined project scope. Without a clear understanding of project objectives, it’s difficult to assign the right resources. Second, it requires a centralised resource pool. Services such as Reed Professional Services maintain proactively managed resource pools, allowing us to ensure that the organisation we can quickly identify and assign resources to your project. Third, it requires a flexible resource allocation process. Again, a service like RPS’ already has the infrastructure in place to ensure quick reallocation of resources as project needs change.

4. Implementing Project-Based Resourcing

Implementing project-based resourcing can be a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step is to define your project scope and identify the resources you need to complete the project successfully. Once you have a clear understanding of your project needs, you can begin building your resource pool. This will require careful planning and coordination across different departments and teams. Next, you’ll need to develop a flexible allocation process that allows you to quickly shift resources as needed. Finally, you’ll need to establish strong project management practices to ensure that your resources are being used effectively.

Why use Reed Professional Services for Project Based Resourcing?

Here at Reed Professional Services we’re experts at sourcing industry-leading talent for project delivery. Our simple process is designed to ensure that you have a flexible and agile approach to standing up skills and capabilities at pace and scale. How does it work?

  • Scope – 

  • work with you to scope your requirements with our expert delivery team who can help you define your exact needs and advise on the best approach
  • Source – 

  • Our Talent Delivery Team will send you pre-screened and (security checked if needed) consultants and candidates who are available and have the suitable skills and knowledge to help you deliver your projects
  • Deliver –

  • we can help you get someone on board and delivering in as quickly as 48 hours. We can provide IT equipment if needed, manage all the contracts and get someone up and delivering for you right away.
  • Manage –

  • We help you manage the entire engagement with our PMO team. Let us take care of contracts, expenses, delivery milestones and weekly reports on how your project is progressing.

Success –

  • Make sure that you retain any new information, knowledge, skills or processes you might have gained from engaging one of our team with our comprehensive knowledge transfer and handover, making sure you’re set up for ongoing success!

Project-based resourcing is a powerful approach to staffing that can help organisations achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. By assigning the right resources to each project, organisations can ensure that they are using their resources effectively and achieving their project goals. Implementing project-based resourcing requires careful planning and coordination, but it’s a valuable investment for any organisation looking to take its project management practices to the next level. As a programme manager, it’s worth your time and effort to explore project-based resourcing and determine if it’s the right approach for your projects.

if you would like to speak someone about resourcing for your projects. Contact us and a member of the team will be in touch right away.

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