As businesses shift their focus from traditional employment models, the use of contractors, consultants and freelancers has become increasingly common. While contractors bring with them specific expertise and flexibility, they can often feel like outsiders in an existing team. It is essential to consider how to make contractors feel embedded and part of the existing team to ensure their productivity, engagement, and success. Here are some tips to help you ensure your contractors and consultants feel welcome.

1. Onboarding

It is essential to include contractors in the onboarding process to help them understand the company’s culture, processes, and values. Ensure that they meet their colleagues and understand their roles within the team, so they don’t feel like outsiders working remotely. Consider assigning a buddy or mentor from the permanent team to help new contractors navigate the information and the onboarding process.

2. Communication

Contractors often feel disconnected from the rest of the team because they don’t know what is going on. Regular communication can improve relationships, engagement, and productivity. Communication tools such as video conferencing, chat software, and project management software can facilitate team interactions and enable contractors to participate fully. Set up regular meetings to discuss priorities, deliverables, feedback, and training opportunities.

3. Regular feedback

Regular feedback is essential, but it can be hard to provide when working remotely. Ensure that contractors receive feedback on their work at regular intervals, preferably in real-time. Schedule a debrief after each project or milestone and provide constructive feedback and guidance for future work. The feedback should address performance issues, communication, and project execution to enable contractors to improve wherever necessary.

4. Perks and Incentives

Try to include contractors in any perks, incentives, and team activities that the permanent team receives. A pay raise, bonus, or participation in team-building exercises demonstrates that the contractor is a valued member of the team, increasing their sense of loyalty and commitment. Additionally, it can make them feel more integrated into the overall culture, creating a greater sense of unity within the organisation.

5. Collaborative Tools

Collaborative tools can help team members work together, reducing the undercurrent of tensions created by distance. Tools such as Teams, Trello, Asana and Slack help teams collaborate quickly and seamlessly, regardless of location. By using this software and communicating deadlines and responsibilities through the software, contractors, consultants and other remote workers become more a part of the team and feel valued for their contributions.

Contractors and consultant resource are an essential part of the modern workforce, and it is essential to make them feel welcome and an integral part of the existing team to achieve maximum productivity. With regular communication, feedback, and onboarding, you can bridge the gap between contractors and your permanent team. You can make contractors feel as valued and integrated as your permanent team members and help create a successful, productive team. Never forget to collaborate and ensure your remote workers are included in the necessary team tasks – this can lead to feelings of trust, confidence, and increased success among all your team members!

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