Reed Professional Services are pleased to announce we have been awarded a place as consultancy provider for the Cabinet Office, after receiving the highest score during the provider bidding process. This appointment will see RPS provide programme delivery consultancy to a number of government departments impacted by the UK exiting the EU. The Work Packages delivered will help support the execution of the government’s EU Exit strategy.

Support provided to the Cabinet Office will focus on information technology and digital transformation; areas we in which have significant experience thanks to our work with leading organisations just as the BBC, YouView, DEFRA, Royal Mail Group, and Barclays.

RPS are able to provide multi-talented, highly-scalable teams with valuable niche skills at short notice. We work closely with stakeholders to agree a brief and team, ensuring we understand the requirement fully, then move quickly to delivery.

Given the changeable nature of EU Exit requirements, our agile, fixed-price working methodologies are well positioned to provide the Cabinet Office with flexible solutions that make responsible use of taxpayer funds and will help to drive change quickly and efficiently.