We’re proud to announce that Reed Professional Services are now official partners of Digital Leaders. We join the likes of Microsoft, Tech UK, and official government departments in providing UK leaders with digital transformation advice and guidance.

Digital Leaders has a growing community of over 60,000 leaders. They aim to foster effective digital leadership by raising awareness of the importance of strong leadership in digital transformation. They partner with carefully selected organisations that aid them in highlighting the digital challenges faced by UK industries. These organisations also help by increasing awareness of digital solutions that work across multiple sectors.

What does this mean for Reed Professional Services?

Digital Leaders runs both an online space and face-to-face events across all sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. As one of their official partners, RPS will be using our extensive experience of digital transformation to guide and inform through contributions made through these platforms. We’ll be sharing expertise, knowledge, and insights gained through working with high-profile clients like the BBC, DEFRA, Sky, and Barclays.

Our aim is to help organisations through periods of significant digital transformation. Organisations that are attuned to the constantly-evolving technological landscape are those best-equipped for future growth.

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